Kathy Barajas Design

Your living space should reflect who you are, but it should also reflect how you live. That’s Kathy Barajas’s approach to interior design. She works to provide clients with spaces that are both functional and beautiful, since who wants to be in a room that doesn’t fit their needs, no matter how gorgeous it is?

Kathy incorporates her experiences into her designs, from her time studying art and architecture in Europe to her daily life with two kids of her own. She will work with clients to help them determine not only what they want a room to look like but how they envision using it. Kathy wants clients to know that it’s possible to have a picture-perfect kitchen that is also efficient and functional, or a living room with grown-up style that also includes toy storage. She prides herself on helping clients blend the room they want with the room they need, seamlessly. Every client is different, and Kathy is committed to custom designs that best fit the space and the client. She’s adaptable and comfortable styling a room in whatever manner best fits the client. 

The joy and humor she brings to interior design is contagious. Her clients find themselves enjoying the process of decorating their house and figuring out their personal styles. Kathy can take a project from concept to completion or simply come in to help clients get an idea of what they’d like if they want to be more hands on. She also works with corporate clients to style commercial spaces.

Kathy graduated from IU Bloomington. She cultivated her eye for design working in an art gallery that catered to architects and designers before moving on and working for a decorating store herself. She then went out on her own and founded Kathy Barajas Design in 2002.

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